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SWIFT Disposal experienced demolition team will analyze every critical factor in your proposed demolition. We have earned a reputation for completing fast-track and complicated projects on time and within budget.

Through detailed pre-planning and integrated work plans, we understand and address site conditions, site requirements, controlling and monitoring environmental concerns, and unique project challenges — all while keeping safety, communication, and collaboration at the forefront.

Our full-service capabilities span the range of demolition projects, from removing single-story commercial buildings and demolishing high rises to razing large industrial structures.

We’re a company of innovators and problem-solvers, and you’ll appreciate the cooperative, can-do attitude our people bring to every project.


What Kind Of Demolition Services Do You Offer?

We offer various demolition services that homeowners and businesses. We offer: 

    • Kitchen Demolition: Some people want sinks or old kitchen cabinets demolished. Doing these yourself may be tricky, so you should consider hiring professional demolition services. 
    • Bathroom Demolition: Any demolition work done in the bathroom needs to be done safely.

      It is dangerous as the plumbing system should not be affected as a result of the demolition work. But what do you do if you want to remove a shower or a commode? You can use our demolition services to remove anything you don’t want in the bathroom. 

    • Carpet and Flooring: You may have an old carpet in your home that you don’t want anymore. If this is the case, our team of professionals will take care of it for you. 
    • Shed Demolition: You may have a shed that you want to be demolished. Our team of professionals will not only demolish the shed but also haul away the generated debris. 
    • And much more!