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Trash Removal Services

Superb Trash Removal Services

You’ve got a pile of household junk you can’t deal with. Maybe it’s in your garage or attic, or perhaps it’s cluttering up your yard. It might be broken furniture, old appliances, or other household items you don’t want anymore. Whatever the case may be, it has to go.

Your regular trash pickup company only provides some junk removal services, and you need more time and resources to haul it yourself. You could take it to a local drop-off facility, rent a dumpster, and do all that work yourself, but why would you?

At SWIFT Disposal, we know that life is busy. We offer a full range of services designed to make your life easier by taking care of the things you don’t have time to do yourself, such as household trash removal and moving projects. You don’t need to bring your household junk to the curb where it could sit for days, attracting pests and becoming an eyesore in the neighbourhood.

As your one-stop-shop solution, we handle everything your regular trash collection service won’t, from bulky item pickup, and one-time or recurring household junk removal, to furniture and appliance disposal and recycling.

Trash Removal

Ready to start living clutter-free?

Call us today to schedule your household junk removal appointment. We’ll send a team of experienced and insured professionals to your home to start the process.

They’ll survey your junk and give you a no-obligation upfront price quote, which you can approve or deny before they begin hauling away your items.

After we’ve finished our work, we’ll leave your property clean and ready for its next phase.

How Trash Removal Service Works

Trash Removal
  1. Schedule your Junk Removal service here or by calling 661-282-7085.
  2. Our friendly team will contact you within 15-30 minutes before your scheduled 2-hour appointment. When we arrive in the area, we’ll check the items you want to be removed and provide you with an up-front all-inclusive price. 
  3. We’ll do your request, being sure to only touch the items we’re taking away, and sweep up the area. We’ll then collect payment once the job is complete.